It’s Solarthon time again!

This weekend Sungevity participated in GRID Alternative’s Bay Area Solarthon, an annual event raising money and manpower to install solar PV panels on the homes of local families in need. This year, Solarthon brought solar to eight Habitat for Humanity homes in the Oceanview neighborhood of San Francisco. Sungevity’s employee team raised over $6,600 and joined dozens of other volunteers to put panels to rooftops. See ‘em in action!

Sungevity team at Solarthon 2014

Sloane found a friend

















Team getting organizedEmma, Byron and Sloane

An earthquake or storm hits. Here’s what to remember about your solar system.

Our thoughts are with the California residents in Napa and Solano counties that are recovering from Sunday’s earthquake.

We want to take this moment to remind everyone what to do in the event of an earthquake or severe storm, since your solar system will understandably be the last thing on your mind. Here are a few simple things to remember:

  1. First and most importantly, ensure the safety of yourselves and your family.
  2. If your utility experiences a power outage, the system will automatically shut down as a safety precaution and will reboot once power is restored. If the system does not automatically turn back on, contact us.
  3. We are monitoring the system remotely, but if you notice any visible damage to the system or anything else odd about the system’s performance before we do, turn the system off and give us a call. Do not touch the equipment except to turn it off.
  4. We’ve got you covered. If you lease or finance the system from Sungevity, our system insurance covers any damage incurred during an earthquake or severe weather event.

Some Sungevity customers have checked in with us already and have found no issues with their solar systems. If you were impacted by the earthquake and are concerned about your Sungevity system for any reason, don’t hesitate to contact us at: 1-866-SUN-4ALL x5575 (866-786-4255 x5575) or

Hello, New Mexico and Vermont

It’s official: we now can help homeowners in New Mexico and Vermont switch to solar and have some fun along the way.

Adding New Mexico and Vermont expands our footprint to 12 states, including Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and Washington, D.C. We also serve the Netherlands and Australia.

Sungevity_Coverage_Map (2)

The expansion coincides with growing momentum for solar power in the United States. The number of solar panel installations in the country surged 73% to a record 1.3 GW in the first quarter of 2014, according to GTM Research and SEIA (Solar Energy Industries Association). According to US Solar Market Insights analysis, residential installations have outpaced commercial for the first time since 2002. A separate GTM Research report ranked Sungevity among the top three residential solar installers in the U.S.

New Mexico and Vermont were both identified as markets with an active interest in and opportunity for residential solar energy solutions. New Mexico ranks #10 among U.S. states in the number of solar-powered houses, reflecting residents’ receptivity to solar-based energy. Vermont is experiencing above-average electricity rates, a streamlined permitting process for rooftop solar, and a new policy increasing the net metering cap from 4% to 15% of a utility’s peak load, which enables solar customers to receive more credit for energy they send back to the grid.

“From the beginning, we have called this a rooftop revolution, and the growth we’ve seen in the industry, as well as for our company, bears witness to this. In delivering homeowners a hassle-free way to estimate, design and install a solar solution for their home, we have ultimately doubled our own sales,” said Andrew Birch, Sungevity’s Chief Executive Officer. “Bringing our services to New Mexico and Vermont furthers our mission of strategically increasing our footprint to help homeowners get relief from rising energy costs while simultaneously reducing reliance on fossil fuels.”

Homeowners in New Mexico and Vermont can now request a Sungevity iQuote by filling out an online form at Sierra Club members in both states who purchase solar installations from Sungevity can earn a $750 discount for themselves, as well as a $750 donation to the Sierra Club through its participation in the cause marketing initiative. The Sierra Club is one of nearly 115 nonprofits participating in the program, which has donated more than $1.5 million to nonprofit partners since its inception three years ago in return for referring business to their members.

“Our partnership with Sungevity allows our members to take personal action toward a cleaner planet while doing something good for themselves too,” said Michael Brune, Sierra Club Executive Director. “Home solar is good for everyone, and we couldn’t be happier to expand our partnership into these two new states.”

Live from the Rooftop! A California homeowner tells his solar story.


Solar homeowners: they’re just like you. Tom L. is from San Diego, CA with a background in science and engineering, and he worked for a defense contractor for most of his career. He keeps informed of technical developments, travels a lot, and enjoys spending time with his family and grandkids. His solar system was recently interconnected to the grid.

Q. Why did you start looking into solar?

I started thinking about going solar when our rates increased and more increases were expected. We were typically in Tier 4 so electricity was getting rather expensive. A friend had installed solar and was very happy with the results. About a year ago, I obtained three bids which were similar in design but a range of prices. None of them had a satisfactory payback time. Recently, a family member recommended Sungevity, so I applied on their website.

Q. What were your first impressions of solar?

I’m a retired engineer so I recognized that Sungevity had a better system design for our house, a better price than the others, and a shorter payback time. Over 20 years, we will save a lot of money.

Q. How did your friends and neighbors react to you going solar?

A friend who was also a Tier 4 user was interested in our system and purchased a solar system from Sungevity soon after we did.

Q. What’s the coolest thing about going solar?

It was cool when we turned on the solar system and watched the meter run backwards. I can monitor the system performance on Sungevity’s web site and track my hourly net energy use on SDG&E’s website.

Q. Do you have any advice for people thinking about solar?

Solar doesn’t work for everyone. A family member also applied but due to the roof design Sungevity said they couldn’t install enough solar panels to help much. An alternate design was possible but Sungevity showed their integrity in that they would not install such a design, as the risk of severe wind load was unacceptable. I recommend Sungevity and solar to anyone who is tired of high electric bills and is concerned about them going even higher.

Two countries down, 194 more to go


We’re shifting the power at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave – shifting to solar power, that is.

Four years after President Obama pledged to go solar, the White House announced last Friday that the President’s new rooftop solar system is finally up. The 6.3 kilowatt system is a similar size to what the average American household would install. What environmental benefits will the First Family generate from going solar?

Over 20 years, their 6.3 kW system will offset the equivalent of:*

  • 250,000 lbs of greenhouse gas emissions
  • 3,000 trees planted
  • 280,000 car miles

And, they get to be cool like Bo.

The much-anticipated installation proves that anyone can go solar, whether you’re the President or the President’s dog. “Solar panels at the White House are a really important message that solar is here, we are doing it, we can do a lot more,” Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz said.

This announcement is a culmination of the Globama campaign, in which we partnered with and others to collect 50,000+ signatures urging the President to go solar. President Obama isn’t the first Head of State to power his residence with sunshine: President Nasheed from the Maldives installed a PV system on his official residence in 2010. Sungevity donated and installed the system, then helped launch the non-profit Solar Head of State to encourage more world leaders to join the movement.

Two countries down, 194 more to go. Shine on!

*Offset calculations are based on EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator estimates and NREL’s PVWatts Calculator