Occupy Oakland. . . and its Rooftops!

Jerry Brown, Governor of California, says:


Where there is a sufficient social movement of self-reliant communities, there can be political change. There must be political change


Whether you’re part of the 99% or the 1%. . .


Whether you support or denounce the Occupy movement. . .


Whether you welcome change or eschew it. . .


You’re watching the birth of a movement.


What started out as Occupy Wall Street has become Occupy Chicago, Occupy Atlanta, Occupy Delaware, and closest to home for us at Sungevity, Occupy Oakland.  Occupy is omnipresent, but what you might not have heard about is a bit of a morph in the movement that is scheduled to take place on November 20th.


November 20, 2011 is the official kick-off of Occupy Rooftops (or #OccupyRooftops if you’re into hashtaggery).

Disclaimer: Physically occupying an actual rooftop not required


Occupy Rooftops doesn’t separate the over-taxed from the under-taxed and it doesn’t involve camping out in city centers or blocking off ports.  Occupy Rooftops kicks off with people like yourself identifying buildings that you would like to see go solar and then taking a photo in front of them.  Maybe you would like to see your community center go sunny side up.  Perhaps your local taqueria would look better with shimmering panels perched up on its roof.  Would your place of worship run smoother if it was being run on solar?  The sky is the limit.  Quite literally. If you want to join forces with other folks in your community, check out the Occupy Rooftops Meetups that are already happening — or plan one of your own.


The great news is that after you submit your photo to theteam@solarmosaic.com and post it to Solar Mosaic’s Facebook page, you can work with Solar Mosaic to actually “occupy” the rooftop with a community purchased solar array.  Full disclosure: Solar Mosaic is one of the organizations in Sungevity’s solar incubator. Find out more about them here:



Here are some Solar Mosaic FAQs that explain the ins and outs of starting a Solar Mosaic project.


Will you occupy a rooftop on November 20?  Is your own rooftop occupied yet?  Below is a photo of a rooftop we “occupied” a few months ago with the help of GRID Alternatives.  Can you get together a bigger crowd for your #OccupyRooftops picture?  Consider that an official challenge.  And challenges often come hand in hand with prizes. . .

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