Solar Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Getting a new solar system is exciting, but even more exciting perhaps is the moment of interconnection: when the meter finally gets to spin backwards.  J.A. Savage (she goes by “Ja”) is a customer of ours who is a journalist by trade.  More specifically, she writes about energy policy for California Current.  Ja decided to celebrate her big moment with an “energizing” ribbon cutting ceremony.


With a bold red ribbon taped from one side of her AC point of connection to the conduit going back to the meter, Ja was ready for action.   Just before flipping the back-feeding breaker, she swung her scissors out with a flourish and sliced apart the ribbon (in full OSHA compliant fashion). It was a beautiful moment.  Tears of joy were shed by all in attendance and in the faint distance one could almost hear her appliances breathe sighs of relief over their new cleaner, greener power source.

If you’re anything like me, right about now you’re thinking, “What ceremony is complete without tasty treats?”  Rest assured, there were tasty treats a-plenty.  Ja served up  homemade organic banana-walnut bread to commemorate the moment and it was DELICIOUS.  To be fair, I wasn’t present to verify the degree of deliciousness, but our Field Manager Benjamin M. says it was by far the best banana bread he’s ever had, and Benjamin is a trustworthy type of guy.


You can file this post under: This is why we love our customers.  If you don’t have any additional room in the T section of your file box then go ahead and file it under We have the best customers in the world.


It’s not just Ja that we love —  we love all of our customers.  Let us know if you’re having an energizing ceremony that you’d like us to attend.  If we can make it there then the banana-walnut bread is on us :-)

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