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Update to Our Valued Customers

Answers To Common Questions About Sungevity’s Chapter 11 Filing Process   Q:    What was announced? Sungevity has voluntarily filed for Chapter 11 protection. Sungevity has reached an agreement with a group of investors led by Northern Pacific Group on a...

/ March 29, 2017
solar power at the White House

The Untold History of Solar Power at the White House

Our country’s long-standing battle for greener energy sources poses a question of national importance. How should we power the most powerful house in America? The White House was an early adopter of a technology that is finally gaining popular traction: solar...

/ December 13, 2016
Solar neighborhood effect

Small town neighbors drive the solar revolution

Research proves the spread of solar is a deeply social affair. Word-of-mouth is key to the spread of disruptive technologies. People often seek out the trusted opinion of a friend or family member before they are willing to try something...

/ November 8, 2016
Leonardo DiCaprio and President Obama in Before the Flood

Watch Before the Flood (Full Movie)

“I think we have tipped the world toward a sustainable future. The fear is, are we doing it too slowly?” – Johan Rockström, Professor of Environmental Science, Stockholm University and Director, Stockholm Resilience Center Leonardo DiCaprio has a message for...

/ November 3, 2016
The California Climate Credit is making people smile this October.

Most Californians are getting a credit on their electric bills this month. Find out why.

Many Californians got a welcome surprise on their electric bills in October. Twice a year, eligible California households receive what’s called the California Climate Credit on their electric bill. The credit gives folks a little extra cash right in time...

/ October 31, 2016
Get the right solar system for you by asking each solar company the right questions.

10 Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Solar Company

Shopping for home solar can feel overwhelming because, at first glance, many companies look the same. How do you tell them apart and choose the right system and company for you?

/ October 24, 2016