Big news today: we announced our international expansion.  And what better country to expand into than one known for gouda cheese, chocolate sprinkles on bread (hagelslag), tulips, windmills, and wooden shoes?  That’s right Holland, I’m talking about you.

Welcome to the Sungevity family, Zonline!


Good looking bunch, eh?

Zonline, which roughly translates to “sunshine online,” is a Dutch solar start-up.  With this partnership Sungevity becomes the first US residential solar company to go overseas.  I think that’s worth a collectively shouted, “SHINE ON!, don’t you?

If you’ve spent any time in the Netherlands you might be curious about why we chose that particular market; Holland certainly isn’t the sunniest place in Europe.  What Holland does have, however, is the continent’s second-highest electricity rates.  Ack!  Additionally, Holland puts our model to test in a country without any solar subsidies.  Did I mention that people from the Netherlands love orange?  That wasn’t necessarily a driving factor behind the partnership, but it sure didn’t hurt 🙂

So how did we get to this point?  It’s been a long journey, but here is the story of how it all began: penguin suits, oil giants, and all.

No matter how big a tree you become, you should never forget your roots, be they American, Australian, Scottish, or Dutch. . .

Posted by Bliss Dennen

Bliss served as Sungevity's social media and brand manager at a critical moment in Sungevity's history, helping successfully grow the Rooftop Revolution to the Eastern Seaboard.


  1. P.M.Jansen van Veen September 20, 2012 at 8:54 pm

    Wanneer kunnen wij hier in Nederland op dezelfde manier als in de USA de zonnepanelen in huurkoop kopen.Ik wil ze zo snel mogelijk op mijn schuurdak en daarna graag collectief op de daken van deze wijk.
    Het is een uitstekende manier om ze op onze spiksplinternieuwe daken te krijgen.
    Mijn telnr. is 0181610377 The Netherlands

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