It’s tough to start and operate your own small business. We get it – we’ve been there.

That’s why at Sungevity, we are doing everything under the sun to make it easy for small businesses to save money with solar. Why not see if you could reduce your energy bill, and invest in your business instead?

Our new partnership with REC Solar is going to make it even easier.

Qualified Sungevity business customers in California can now take advantage of REC Solar’s innovative finance product that is designed to benefit small business owners. This Power Purchase Agreement, or PPA, allows business owners that qualify to go solar for as little as $0 down, allowing them to lock in a solar energy rate that is typically lower than their current utility costs and can benefit the environment.* As part of the PPA, REC Solar extends a 20 year performance guarantee, which gives business owners peace of mind that their solar assets will continue working long into the future.**

What is a PPA, you ask? Under a PPA, you pay a set rate for exactly the amount of power the solar panels on your roof produce. In other words, you pay as you go with less upfront costs. REC Solar will own the panels and is responsible for repairing them under warranty, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.


Graph provided by REC Solar, March 23, 2016.

Sungevity was one of the first large-scale solar provider to service small to medium sized businesses with custom solar solutions.  Since that time, Sungevity has helped dozens of small business owners make the switch to solar. Just ask Mark Figone of East Bay Sanitary in El Cerrito, California.

“Going solar gives my company an edge by being environmental and sustainable AND I’m saving money. Our utility bill has dropped by 90%.”

If you own a small business in California and want to see if you can start saving your business money with solar, give us a call at 844-SUN-4BIZ or visit us at to get started.

*Product offerings and specifications may change at any time. In some areas, the right to claim environmental impacts may be sold in the form of renewable energy credits (RECs). More information can be found here.
** Contact us for a free written copy of REC Solar’s performance guarantee and warranty terms.
*** Sungevity and REC Solar do not guarantee savings estimates. Savings will necessarily vary based on factors we cannot control, including actual future utility rates and your future electricity usage. 

Posted by Gina Mateo

Gina works as the Commercial Marketing Manager for Sungevity, connecting with California business owners to educate them on the financial and environmental benefits of solar energy. She hails from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and is an avid traveler and Green Bay Packers fan.