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Update to Our Valued Customers

Answers To Common Questions About Sungevity’s Chapter 11 Filing Process   Q:    What was announced? Sungevity has voluntarily filed for Chapter 11 protection. Sungevity has reached an agreement with a group of investors led by Northern Pacific Group on a...

/ March 29, 2017
Sungevity solar system experiences the snowy Connecticut winter

Your Solar System This Winter

Keep these simple tips in mind to keep your system operating safely all winter long.

/ December 21, 2016
How Changing Seasons Impact Your Solar Production

How Changing Seasons Impact Your Solar Production

Are you seeing rocketing solar production in the summer? That’s normal. Are your solar panels going to bed early in the winter? That’s okay, too. A solar system’s production varies month-to-month and even day-by-day, just like the weather.

/ March 21, 2016
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An Earthquake Or Storm Hits. Here’s What To Remember About Your Solar System.

Here are a few simple things to remember in the event of an earthquake or severe storm, since your solar system will understandably be the last thing on your mind. 

/ August 27, 2014
Sungevity Solar Company

Our Tech Team Is Faster Than Superman, But We Still Recommend You Change Your Password

You may have seen news recently about Heartbleed, a bug that affected the security of many web-based services such as Google and Yahoo. We recommend to all OurSungevity users that you change your password as an extra precaution.

/ April 21, 2014

Sending Warmth To The Blizzarding East

Stay warm, East Coast!

/ February 10, 2013