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Read great customer stories of homeowners and businesses going solar with Sungevity!

Solar PoweredPrinters?HydePrintingHas'Em.

Solar-Powered Printers? Hyde Printing Has ‘Em.

Solar energy is saving small business Hyde Printing boatloads of money and is making its owner very happy.

/ January 28, 2016
Sungevity Solar Company

What Would You Do With An Extra $5,000?

The Sungevity customer who won our February sweepstakes faced that happy question last Friday when he received the congratulatory call.

/ March 11, 2015

Finding The Sunny Side Of Winter

Susan and Gregg J., Sungevity solar homeowners from Milford, Massachusetts, snapped this photo after another snowstorm hit the northeast this record-breaking winter.

/ March 6, 2015
Sungevity Solar Company

A Sunny Act Of Kindness

John’s retired neighbor Mary needed help keeping her electric bills under control, so he helped her go solar. 

/ April 18, 2014

I Am A Realistic Mom, A Green Mom – And A Solar Mom. Here’s Why.

Every morning in my chaotic scramble to get out the door, I unplug our car to head to work and hear my three-year-old son scream out the window, “Did the sun fill up our spaceship?”

/ March 27, 2014