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Solar Is Social

Everybody loves the sun. We chat about the weather every day, we dream about vacationing to sunny locales, and we salivate over new gadgets that harness the power of our beloved closest star.

/ July 25, 2012

Rocking Out With The Killa Watts

Our funk band, The Killa Watts performed at the 2012 Solar Battle of the Bands and came 2nd!

/ July 13, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen, Turn On Your engines!

A race is taking place in San Francisco that's organized by Brightworks K-12 school. All teams that enter will have exactly one day to build a car using two forms of power only: human, and electricity. 

/ March 7, 2012
Sungevity Solar Company

Sunny Valentine

 Excitement, expectation, warmth, unbridled potential and untended appreciation.  Life, it seems, is amazing. Happy Valentine's Day!

/ February 14, 2012
Sungevity Solar Company

James and the Giant…Cupcake?

...And then...Just like magic...Our office was bombarded with cupcakes.

/ December 17, 2011

Creative (and Green) Halloween Costumes

Naughty nurses, provocative plumbers, captivating Cleopatras, and sexy Steve Zissous beware because we've put together some energy-themed creative costume ideas so our cutomers can be the FrankenSTARS of any Pumpkin Ball they attend!

/ October 12, 2011