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10 eco-friendly resolutions

10 New Year’s resolutions that seem too easy to be eco-friendly (but they are)

In the post-holiday daze, many of us find ourselves setting lofty New Year’s goals like saving the planet. But the chances of sticking to a resolution that broad are slim to none. Instead, set yourself up for success by starting...

/ January 3, 2017

6 Energy-Saving Tips for the Winter

As the days get shorter and colder, your utility bills may begin to creep up. Think there’s nothing you can do about it? Think again. The right mix of small and big alterations to your habits and your home can...

/ December 14, 2016
The Era of Efficiency: How to Upgrade Any Type of Bay Area Home

The Era of Efficiency: How to Upgrade Any Type of Bay Area Home

From stately Victorian townhomes to trendy mid-century Eichlers, the housing stock in the Bay Area is diverse, often beautiful and sometimes less than energy-efficient. With winter around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about your heating bill. To this...

/ October 4, 2015

October is Energy Awareness Month

Welcome to National Energy Awareness Month! To celebrate, here is a list of Energy Hacks and Energy Facts that will help you reduce your electric bills and grow your trivia knowledge. We'll add to the list as the month goes...

/ October 1, 2015

Kids See Solar Differently

Someday, when our kids are in charge, the whole world will run on sunshine.

/ April 1, 2015

Energy Saving Tips To Keep Your Toes Warm

You may want to trade your orange Sungevity sunglasses for wool socks because 2014 has kicked off with a brrr-ang. Here are some easy ways you can keep your toes warm and use energy more efficiently this winter.

/ January 14, 2014