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This Tiny Solar Home Is Part Of A Big Movement

Colorado couple Christopher and Merete built this tiny house on their own, and power it with solar. 

/ November 16, 2013

Getting Ready for the Holidays

Yes, you'll save money by swapping out your incandescent lights with CFL or LED bulbs - but what do you do with all the old bulbs?

/ October 22, 2013

When Your Car Runs On Sunshine…

This nifty upcycle idea comes from the highest solar power-producing country in the world: Germany.

/ October 19, 2013
Sungevity Solar Company

Another Reason To Love Solar Panels

Yes -- they create jobs (the solar industry already employs more people than the coal industry), they save families money, and they're good for the environment. But there's more!

/ August 14, 2013

Tell President Obama: It’s Time

It's been 1,043 days since the Obama administration agreed to put solar panels on the White House. It's time.

/ August 14, 2013

Ice Pop Truck Returns!

We rolled the Rooftop Revolution across America last year and served all-natural solar-powered ice pops to thousands of kids, adults and families.  

/ December 15, 2012