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The ascent of solar energy is upon us. Get the latest news from the home of Danny Kennedy’s rooftop revolution, Sungevity!


The White House Installs Solar Panels

We’re shifting the power at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave – shifting to solar power, that is.

/ May 16, 2014

Help Us Generate Positive In Colorado!

Changes could be on the horizon for future solar customers in Colorado.

/ December 11, 2013
Sungevity Solar Company

Who It’s For

In the climate-changing future, we want her generation to ask us how on earth we won, not why we didn't fight harder.

/ October 13, 2013

Campuses Beyond Coal

Future generations are taking a stand.

/ September 22, 2013

Every 4 Minutes

Find out what happens every 4 minutes in America.

/ August 23, 2013

BREAKING: White House Goes Solar

Sungevity applauds President Obama for upholding his commitment to renewable energy by putting solar panels back on the White House.

/ August 15, 2013