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Thinking of a green career? Curious about what it’s like to work at Sungevity? Learn more about how we Shine at Sungevity here!

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5 Tips To Help You Ace Your Interview At Sungevity

We want as much as you do for you to hit your Sungevity interview out of the park, so here are five easy tips to help you shine.

/ March 2, 2015
Sungevity Solar Company

Meet The Software Team That Makes Sungevity Tick

Disrupting the energy industry on a global scale takes one heck of a software team. Get a peek into the industry-leading software that makes Sungevity tick.

/ July 8, 2014
Sungevity Solar Company

Best For The World: Workers

On the heels of Labor Day, we were just voted best in the world for workers!

/ September 3, 2013

It’s Sunny Work

When people think of jobs in the solar industry, they often think of manufacturing and installation. These are both important, but they're not the whole story -- you might not guess which areas the vast majority of solar jobs are...

/ August 16, 2013

Sungevity Receives Bike-Friendly Business Award (ring-ring!)

The East Bay Bicycle Coalition just awarded us the Bike-Friendly Business Award!

/ April 4, 2012

Not just any old place to work

Today we feature a guest post by our very own Susan Hollingshead, VP of Sungevity People.

/ April 8, 2011