Solar energy is saving small business Hyde Printing boatloads of money and is making its owner very happy in the process.

First, Patrick Hyde and his wife decided to get a Sungevity solar energy system installed on their home in Walnut Creek, California.  Feeling excited that his home solar system would reduce his electricity bill to almost zero, Patrick called Sungevity back to see if solar could save his small printing business money, too.


He and Sungevity shook on the deal, and he hasn’t looked back since. Patrick told us, “Going solar has been fantastic for my business. I’m making a monthly payment that is about 30% of what my utility bill was. In 5 years, the system will be paid off. I’m a really happy customer.”

Patrick didn’t even have to close his doors during the installation process. “The crew was very mindful of the hours that we worked. They were willing to come at night so as not to interrupt business. Everything went smoothly.”

Solar offered an easy way to reduce Patrick’s bills and, in the process of evaluating whether solar would be a good fit, he got a new perspective on his company’s overall energy usage which helped identify opportunities to become more energy efficient. If that’s not what Generate Positive looks like, we don’t know what is.

If you own a small business in California and want to see if solar could work for you, give us a call at 844-SUN-4BIZ or visit us at to get started.


Posted by Gina Mateo

Gina works as the Commercial Marketing Manager for Sungevity, connecting with California business owners to educate them on the financial and environmental benefits of solar energy. She hails from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and is an avid traveler and Green Bay Packers fan.