Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.
– Mother Teresa


share-the-loveSmiling is a small act of kindness and yet is one of the most impactful. According to a recent article in The Huffington Post, smiling can improve your mood, reduce stress, boost your productivity and can even be contagious!

We smile a lot at Sungevity – not only because we’re excited to see solar energy spread, but because talking with our customers makes us so happy. Customers have even started to comment on it; we’ve heard from several who say that they can hear the smile in our voices over the phone. And who could resist smiling, with customers like ours?

Take our customer in New York, Eileen. Not only is Eileen a solar enthusiast but a woman with a kind heart and a sweet smile. Back in October, Eileen and her husband David were delighted when their solar system was being installed in New York. Little did the crew know, but Eileen was also whipping up some potatoes in her solar cooker. When the crew was finished, Eileen shared her love of solar by sharing some potatoes with the crew. Who doesn’t love a delicious snack cooked by the sun!

Another one of our favorite heartwarming stories came from Marianne and her husband, also Sungevity customers from New York. They shared the love on social media when they posted a photo of their chickens wearing “Sungevity Orange” sunglasses. We dare you to look at this photo without smiling!

"My husband and our chickens wearing their Sungevity shades!" Shared by Marianne Gillette

“My husband and our chickens wearing their Sungevity shades!” Shared by Marianne Gillette

Smiling: it’s one of the ways we share the love with our customers.  Another way we share is through our referral network. We invite you to tell your friends how much you love solar and the predictability it has brought to your energy costs.  Share the love with your friends by helping them save $750 on a Sungevity solar system when they use your referral code. Or, if you don’t have a referral code, use the code SHARETHELOVE or simply click the button below to post to your Facebook page. As a thank you, Sungevity will share the love back with a check when your friend goes solar with Sungevity.*


At the end of the day, we want our customers to share in the happiness and energy that we feel doing this work. No matter the day, whether it is Valentine’s Day, Earth Day, or Independence Day, our customers are always at the center of our solar system!

*Your friends and neighbors will receive a $750 discount when they use your referral code. You’ll earn receive $250 for your first two friends who go solar with us, and $750 for every friend after that. Payment will be made within 8-10 weeks of system interconnection.

Posted by Courtney Hyde

Courtney is Senior Manager of Sungevity's Field Operations. Nothing puts a bigger smile on her face than talking with a happy Sungevity customer.