Jenner Crema owns Pump it Up, a children’s entertainment center in Morgan Hill, California. She used to struggle to manage her monthly operational costs under the weight of the exorbitant electricity bills she racked up to keep her facility cool in the hot Morgan Hill summers. As you can imagine, hundreds of children jumping on inflatable castles, slides and play equipment can generate some serious heat! Her monthly PG&E bill regularly added up to $3,500 or more, a painful price for anyone to pay but, especially so for a business the size of Pump It Up.


Finally Jenner decided she’d had enough. Her chosen solution? Sunshine falling free from the sky. “Going solar will significantly lower my power bills and free up funds that we can use to buy new equipment on a regular basis to offer a fresh experience to our customers. In the past it has been pretty tough to do that with our high electricity bills. Going solar will help keep us competitive.” Jenner said.

For her solar system she decided to go with Sungevity, and hasn’t looked back since. “The whole process was easy. Our solar developer was very informative and not at all pushy. He kept us interested, informed and was creative in finding a way to make it all work for us.”

Asked if she would recommend Sungevity to others, Jenner states, “Absolutely. I plan to tell my sister-in-law, who owns a construction business, about going solar with Sungevity.”

Solar offered an easy and sustainable way to cut down on Jenner’s monthly operational costs so that she could start investing in her business instead of her utility bills.

If you own a small business in California and want to see if you can start saving your business money with solar, give us a call at 844-SUN-4BIZ or visit us at to get started.


Posted by Gina Mateo

Gina works as the Commercial Marketing Manager for Sungevity, connecting with California business owners to educate them on the financial and environmental benefits of solar energy. She hails from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and is an avid traveler and Green Bay Packers fan.