Going solar helped one family care for their special needs pug

On any given weekday, you’ll immediately be greeted at Linda and Richard’s door in her home in El Sobrante, CA, by four rather rambunctious pugs and pug mixes. It takes a little while longer for her fifth pup, a tiny black pug named Princess Daisy, to get to you. But she will, and you will be happy she did.Going solar helped pup on wheels

Daisy was born without front elbows, and her legs are twisted so that she can only use them like skis to slide on. That may have slowed her down, but it sure didn’t stop her.

“When the people from the rescue brought her to us, she wouldn’t move,” Linda said. “And they said, well, she’s more disabled than we thought. The next day, she was doing her walking and we just fell in love with her. She’s so unusual and so feisty. She thinks she’s the boss.”

That was nearly 10 years ago. Not long after they got Daisy, she was fitted with her first cart so she could be as mobile as possible. Linda and Richard found two trainers to teach Daisy how to use her cart. But first, Richard had to teach her to walk.

“She would bunny hop and end up right on her head,” he said. “But it wasn’t long before she figured it out and was able to get around just fine on her own.”

 For Daisy, it was liberating. Her new-found mobility got her all the way to the Martinez VA hospital, where she served as a therapy dog from 2009 to 2013.

“They have a rehab wing for amputees and other war injuries,” Richard said. “She would tour through there and do a quiet loop in a room. If she was noticed, she’d stay and visit. If not, she’d move on to the next room and we’d do all three wings that way.”

Linda, Richard and Princess DaisyEnergy independence and a spirit of “pugseverance”

Daisy’s optimistic, free-spirited nature is very much a family trait. They’re the same qualities that led Linda and Richard to go solar nearly seven years ago.

“For me, the most important thing was independence from the old kind of energy,” Linda said. “I just thought it was such a nice thing to have anything natural. And then, after we had it for a while, we realized we were saving money.”

“(Going solar) has freed us up and made us feel more independent of all the expenses, something we can control,” Richard added.

They estimate they’re saving a couple hundred dollars a month during the summer. “The savings goes mostly into taking care of these guys,” Linda said. “When you have pugs, there’s always something. The savings has helped tremendously.”

Even more so now that Daisy has gotten older and additional health issues have popped up.

“She’s doing the best she can,” Linda said. “She’ll tumble and she’ll get back up and go again. She never gives up. Sometimes she’ll have trouble walking but she just keeps trying. She’s just different.”

She gets a bit of that from her human parents, too.

Want to help Daisy and her siblings by going solar? Go solar and use Linda’s referral code.

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