Learn about solar from the best and the brightest. These educational vehicles, named Newton and Einstein, are designed to make it easy to learn about solar energy.

Newton and Einstein joined Sungevity’s Brilliance Brigade fleet in 2014 as the ICE Pop Truck genius twin brothers. Both vehicles are packed with features to help demystify solar energy. For example, one of the games is designed to teach you about kilowatt-hours (kWhs), the unit of measurement for electricity that solar panels generate. Each point represents a kWh – so the more points you earn, the more home appliances you can power!

Whether you visit the vehicles for a tour of their solar panels or to grab a handful of solar-powered popcorn, Newton and Einstein will be happy to help answer all your questions about solar.

Einstein is the tech savvier of the two, and raced to install solar panels on his roof when they first became available. He’s loved technology his whole life: as a young car, he loved taking apart appliances and learning how they were constructed; as an adult car, he still enjoys the occasional DIY session, and especially loves when people stop to admire his cutting edge solar panel technology.  He appreciates solar energy because it’s revolutionizing the way homes are powered, and he’s excited to be on the leading edge of changing the way cars are fueled, too.

Newton is more thoughtful. He waited to go solar until Einstein had thoroughly tested the technology and patiently answered all of Newton’s questions about how it worked. But once Newton installed the panels and saw his electricity costs go down, he knew he had made the right decision. He loves that solar saves him money on electricity and helps reduce his carbon carprint.

Both brothers spend their days at local community events and at select Lowe’s stores, educating families about how easy and affordable solar has become.

You may be wondering, since the twins are identical in appearance, how do I tell them apart? It’s easy. Newton travels between events on the West Coast, and Einstein lives full time on the East Coast.

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Posted by Leslye Penticoff

Leslye is the Content and Community Manager for Sungevity. She's also an avid coffee drinker and rock climber, and serves on the Board of Directors at Margination, a nonprofit in Troy, NY.