If you’re reading this, you have access to electricity. High five, that is a wonderful thing! Unfortunately, hundreds of millions of people in the world don’t. Electricity to most of us who have it is a matter of comfort — it means cold beers, hot showers, and infinite youtube videos of cats. (Rock on, piano kitty)  

To those who don’t have it, access to electricity means something a little bit different. It means proper education because children can do homework at night. It means better eyes and lungs because it replaces burning kerosene. It means access to information and media like radio, television and internet, and lets citizens be politically involved.

There is a universal need for electricity but a fundamental lack of access. Grids are expensive and difficult to build in rural areas, especially in developing countries. But all those places where grids can’t reach get touched by sunshine. Could solar be the solution? A growing number of for-profit businesses are saying yes.

Eigth19 is one such business, and its product IndiGo is providing Solar For Universal Need. Their product is a solar panel and light kit that customers pay a little upfront for ($10), and then just $1/week for the electricity it produces. Going solar with IndiGo saves customers money, it is cleaner, and it is more effective than the kerosene they would alternatively use. And it’s pay-as-you-go, like Sungevity’s Solar Lease — so you don’t have to buy the expensive equipment outright, but rather get to pay it off as you use it, and experience the savings in real time without waiting years to see a return on investment.

There is a universal need for solar. Sungevity is spreading it to homes in the United States, Europe, and Australia, and we love companies that spread it to the developing world. SFUN is serious business — but when it comes down to it, solar is just fun plain fun too! Who doesn’t love sunshine!?

Eight19, we salute you. Shine on!

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Posted by Wyatt Roy

Wyatt served as Sungevity's voice on social media through 2012. He left to pursue his passion for filmmaking. Check out his work at http://makucreative.com.


  1. This is great! It is funny how a little solar panel in a rural home can offer more direct health benefits than a 5kW system on a roof top. I have experienced the substantial transformation that solar energy provides to families who live without electricity. Keep up the good work and bring more solar to both, rural and urban families.

    1. Thanks! We’re really excited about the positive change solar can do. Shine on!

  2. I hope your products are designed better than your website. If you desire marketing success, you must understand, the common man (ie: the biggest part of the marketplace) will never be able to navigate a site that is designed by some nerd. Once he has attempted to enter all info numerous times, on a site designed by some MIT type geek, and gets so angry, he wants to smash his laptop, you have lost a sale, a potential of future sales from his referrals, and your marketing skill has achieved nothing but epic failure. Hence you may want to have a common man, who understands that anything more than 3-5 clicks to enter info, and achieving contact info on the first try, is tantamount to huge profits and corporate excess. If I, the consumer, cant access your company to get a quote, as easy as it was to make this complaint, you will never succeed in the residential market. Web site designs are a 8o% waste of time, when designed by “professionals”. Unless, you think those professionals are your target market. Simplicity, gentleman= computer marketing success. You, have lost my interest and my business. Good day.

    1. Hi James! Sorry about your experience, our goal is the opposite — we want to make using our website as easy as going solar itself! I’m having someone call you right now to see what went wrong. Thanks so much for your feedback!

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