Land-ho, me hearties — Solar is taking to the high seas! PlanetSolar launched a boat that is covered with 500 square meters of solar panels — then they sailed it around the whole earth using nothing but sunshine.

You might ask why they chose solar as the renewable power source, when people have been using (equally clean) wind to navigate the big blue for millennia. At Sungevity we think solar makes sense on a roof to generate clean and cheap electricity, but we are a creative bunch and love the way Raphael Domjan, founder of Planet Solar, was thinking outside the box! According to him, the idea was to demonstrate that the solar technology is here, now, ready and viable today, and can do more than anyone thought possible.

(It also just looks really cool.)

Posted by Wyatt Roy

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  1. Lisa Banuelos May 15, 2012 at 6:02 pm

    Can’t install solar as we rent.. lost our house. How about hiring my husband to install solar?. We live in Apple Valley, close to the Palm Springs area. My husband is NABCEP certified, and has his OSHA 30 as well. He is qualified to design, and install commercial, residential, and utility grade solar projects. The only thing he cannot do, is tie into the grid. Need a licensed electrician for that.So how about it Sungevity?. Sounds like you are doing alot of solar installations, and could use capable workers that know solar.
    Thank you
    Lisa Banuelos
    Apple Valley, CA

    1. Hi, Lisa! Thanks for your interest in working with Sungevity.
      At this time we are not taking on new installers or channel partners in your area. However we can put your firm on a prospective list and sign you up as a referral only partner if you are interested. Down the road, if we have a need for an installer in your area we will contact you if you fill out this short survey:

      Thanks for your time and interest in Sungevity!

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