World leaders from 195 nations reached a landmark accord this weekend, agreeing to act together to address climate change. Andrew Birch, Sungevity CEO, responds to the news:

The Paris accord is an enormous milestone and it was enabled, in a very real way, by everyone who helps power the world with sunshine. We’re proving that we can have a thriving economy that’s not based on fossil fuels. I’ve heard from many folks that just returned from Paris, including Sungevity’s own Board Chairman Rob Davenport, that it was knowledge of that fact that fundamentally made the Paris accord possible.  Solar energy is not just good for the environment; it’s the best thing for the economy and for the people.

It’s thanks to each one of our customers, partners, employees and advocates that solar energy continues to prove a brighter future is possible. Read more about the historic agreement here.

Posted by Sungevity