Greetings from the road!  Wish you were here.

We’ve been traveling the Eastern Seaboard for a bit over a month now, with our last two weeks spent in New Jersey.  New Jersey was an adventure, to say the least.  We broiled under the steamy hot summer sun, got drenched in torrential downpours, and at one point we were even hailed on.  HAILED ON!  We mastered roundabouts, practiced our  accents (it’s wudder, not water), and learned that the Jersey Shore is way more diverse than MTV would like you to believe.

Huge thanks to WCBS, WPST, WMGQ, WJBR, New Jersey Solar Power, Officer Tyron McAllister, and so many others who helped make our New Jersey experience unforgettable.

The people we met in New Jersey were so diverse that we could never summarize them in just a few pithy sentences, but one thing is certain: people in New Jersey know a LOT about solar.  Out at the truck we were bombarded with questions about SRECs, rebates, tax incentives, financing, roof types, panel efficiency, thin film, inverters, and everything else…well…under the sun.

Like all good things, however, New Jersey had to come to an end.  We ended on a true high note: Tyler Arboretum.  Tyler Arboretum is actually just over the border in PA, but we won’t tell if you don’t.

How could we possibly top magical troll houses?  No way.  It was definitely time to move on.  Destination? Delaware.

Sure, Delaware is small, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t mighty.  A lot of impressive things have some out of Delaware.  Delaware was the first state to ratify the US Constitution, it’s home to the Dover International Speedway, the Victrola was invented in Delaware, and that guy with the really shaggy haircut who won an Academy Award earlier this year hails from Wilmington (congrats on that, Luke Matheny! Does your home have solar panels yet?)

We arrived in Delaware last night, and spent this morning distributing our all-natural ice pops in front of Bike Line (an adorable bicycle shop) in Newark.  We were a bit shaken up by the earthquake (literally), but quickly recovered since we’re all Californian and we know to dash for doorways when the rumbles start.   Tomorrow we will kick-off our day at a farmers market in Wilmington, but in the evening anything is possible, so stay tuned. With just two days in Delaware, we plan on making every hour count!

Posted by Bliss Dennen

Bliss served as Sungevity's social media and brand manager at a critical moment in Sungevity's history, helping successfully grow the Rooftop Revolution to the Eastern Seaboard.


  1. Can I buy a solar ice pop truck?

    1. I think you would probably have to get one custom made like we did. Our beautiful truck actually began its life as a USPS truck!

  2. Hey – how come I just found out about the truck and we are, like, from the same ‘hood? Is it going to be in Oakland??

  3. Carolyn, I don’t have a specific date for you, but it would be a safe bet to assume that the truck will eventually ramble its way back home 🙂 If we have a hometown event (and I *really* hope we do) then I will be sure to announce it on Facebook, Twitter, and this blog.

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