Sungevity just charged through another huge milestone! We popped the bubbly and made an infographic — then got right back to work putting more solar on more roofs so more people could power their lives with sunshine. Check it out below and thanks for being a part of this world-changing movement. Shine on!  

Blazing Past A Milestone

Posted by Wyatt Roy

Wyatt served as Sungevity's voice on social media through 2012. He left to pursue his passion for filmmaking. Check out his work at


  1. Arthur M. Gallagher August 31, 2012 at 8:42 pm

    When are you coming to “The Sun Shine State” ? Aren’t you just a little sad not to service Florida.Please consider starting in the rural areas of South West Florida, the economical need is as important as the ecological need to discorage building another coal burning power plant.

    1. Hi Arthur! We would love to come to the Sunshine State! We service the areas that make most economic sense for our customers, and currently Florida isn’t one of them. If you request an iQuote at then we’ll have your information and can contact you when things change. Thanks for your enthusiasm about going solar! Shine on!

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