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  1. Arthur M Gallagher November 16, 2012 at 10:37 pm

    When are you coming to the SunShine State?

    1. When the economics change so we can save folks money! Currently there aren’t enough incentives to make solar cost effective in Florida. You can help out by telling your representatives to support solar! Click here:

  2. Vincent Domeraski November 20, 2012 at 11:02 pm

    There is a roadblock in the way of creating jobs, sustainable energy and lessening the human impact on climate change and that roadblock is the lack of rational financing. Tax credits and grants are expenditures by the government that alone are ineffective, regressive and inefficient. What needs to occur is a system by which municipalities use bonds to finance solar installations to homes and businesses, those bond are then paid off through property tax assessments on the buildings. In the current market, young homeowners generally lack the credit, capital and commitment to long-term ownership of a dwelling, and older people may not be around long enough to recoup their investment in solar.
    Florida, for example, burns coal to produce electricity to cool houses that should be producing electricity on site, but a combination of the energy lobby and a complicit government along with a passive population sustain the status quo. It seems that those in the solar industry should be spearheading efforts to find a sustainable method of financing rather than the current band aid approach of temporary grants or rebates.

    1. Vincent you make good points. We’re glad you’ve gotten behind solar power. Tell your elected representatives how you feel! We created a Do SUNthing pledge for people like yourself to spread the message. Please take the pledge here:

  3. Arthur M. Gallagher November 20, 2012 at 11:15 pm

    Thank you for your reply, I have contacted my representatives. I am not sure what you mean by insentives, is it only cost effective if the government subsidizes part of the cost? I thought the cost of the PV cells were coming down? What more insentive do I need , than to save money. How high is the cost with out help? Thhanks again, Art

    1. Good question. Different states have different monetary incentives to get solar power. You’re quite correct – solar panels are getting cheaper and cheaper, and by the year 2015 about 2/3rds of American households are expected to save money with solar power. Until then, these incentive programs help close that price gap.

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