President Obama Addresses Climate Change While First Dog Bo Fetches The Solution

Bo Obama leads the pack using solar panels to reduce carbon emissions, save money and stay cool.

WASHINGTON, D.C., June 26, 2013 – First Dog, Bo, today announced that the solar panels installed on his Presidential doghouse have successfully reduced his carbon paw print, and he is hounding President Obama to follow suit. Bo’s announcement follows an impassioned speech by the President in which he urged Americans to redouble their efforts in the fight against climate change. Bo’s 100-watt solar power system, which he leases from leading residential solar company, Sungevity, provides clean energy for his home’s electric fan, lighting, and electronics, all while lowering his electricity bill. Not one to sit and stay, Bo hopes to teach President Obama this new trick for addressing climate change, creating jobs and saving money all at the same time.

“Bo begged his owner to address climate change, and today the President did just that,” said Sungevity co-founder Danny Kennedy. “Bo is throwing President Obama a bone and showing him what the rest of the country already knows – that solar power is cleaner, more affordable, and better for America and the world than traditional dirty energy. Good boy, Bo.”

Bo sniffed out a Sungevity solar power system that cost him no money down and decreased his monthly electricity bill, so he could spend more money hosting canine cake-filled galas like his Inauguration Bash last January. Bo partnered with Sungevity after learning that the high-pedigree, mission-driven company was behind the 2010 Solar on the Whitehouse campaign. As part of the campaign, Sungevity offered the Obama administration a free solar system and fetched over 50,000 signatures to demonstrate overwhelming popular support for putting solar panels on the first family’s residence. The administration and then-Energy Secretary Steven Chu agreed, but President Obama has yet to honor his pledge.

“Barack loves this country more than I love squirrels,” said Bo, scratching his ear. “He knows solar power is good for America, but it is ruff to enact change. I’m setting an example to show it can happen, and in fact must happen.”

Posted by Wyatt Roy

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  1. Lenore J. Humphrey July 31, 2013 at 7:10 pm

    Mr. President, please listen to Bo and set an example for us all. Thank-you

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