Meet Lisa, A Voice Of The Solar Revolution

This is Lisa. She became a solar advocate because, as a mom, she is passionate about making communities healthier and safer for kids everywhere. And, she can earn extra money to save for her son’s and daughter’s college educations. (They just need to graduate elementary school first.) We sat down with her to learn how solar advocacy became a part of her life.

How did you learn about solar?I wanted to go solar on my new house but found out that there were too many trees shading my roof (darn neighbors!). Even though I couldn’t go solar, I tell everyone I can who might be able to.

How did you learn about Sungevity?I requested a quote to go solar – but found out that my house wasn’t right for it. I had a great conversation with the people at Sungevity who helped me realize that even though my house didn’t work – there are still a ton of other people in my neighborhood who can benefit from solar. That’s why I became an advocate.

What makes you excited about solar?Doing a good thing and saving money – how can it get any better than that?

When you’re talking about solar, what messages resonate with people?People want to understand how it works – how they can actually save money while doing something they know is good for the earth. There is still a lot of confusion that solar is affordable – you don’t have to have $20,000 sitting around – you can actually finance a system for very little money and still benefit. It’s exciting to make people realize that there are options out there for everyone.

What sparks your solar conversations?My EV! Whenever people comment on my electric vehicle – I also get to tell them that they could get one and never use fossil fuels again by going solar. How cool is the thought of powering up your car with the sun!

How do you show your Sungevity pride?I love the tagline Generate Positive. I show my Sungevity pride by considering each day how I can Generate Positive for a better future for my kids – that’s why I talk to everyone about solar as an option.

Lisa has been a solar advocate since 2012. Click here to learn more about Sungevity’s Advocates program.

Posted by Jen Sherman

Jen Sherman worked as an analyst and marketing strategist for Sungevity's non-profit partnership program,