Meet Doug. He's A Geek For Solar.

This is Doug. He started advocating for solar full time as a Sungevity employee because in his words, “It’s just cool!” Whether he’s talking with a good friend or a stranger in line for coffee, Doug is ready to shine with unbridled enthusiasm. We sat down with him to learn more about what gets him excited about the solar revolution.

How did you learn about solar?

I was a high school economics teacher and often used renewable energy when explaining different theories. I liked it because it is something that can be applied on a mass scale that everyone can use and have.

How did you learn about Sungevity?

I was working as a designer/installer for another solar company and heard about Sungevity’s ability to design a system remotely. I couldn’t believe the accuracy of their software! I felt Sungevity was making the right moves in this rapidly changing industry and wanted to be a part of it. I’m amazed at culture here – it’s unmatched in the industry. Sungevity is very careful in hiring and gets creative people who are skilled, and that means a company full of energetic, bright people working collaboratively towards a single mission.

What makes you excited about solar?

Using the sun for energy generation just makes sense. It’s a giant energy source that’s there every day. There’s also a lot of room for innovation, especially at the community level.

When you’re talking about solar, what messages resonate with people?

There are a lot of different things that interest people in solar, but my favorite is just how cool it is – I mean, isn’t it just cool in general? Isn’t it neat that you can convert the light around you into a usable energy source? People also connect with the idea of self-reliance and reducing their dependence on utilities, because who knows what’s in our future? This is the chance to take control in an area we’ve never had control before.

What sparks your solar conversations?

It typically comes up because people know I’m in the industry and people have questions because solar is in the news a lot. Solar is really building critical mass. It’s the next big wave.

How do you show your Sungevity pride?

All my Sungevity swag is my favorite because it gets people talking solar! I try to wear something orange and logoed at all times when in public because I want someone to ask me about it. I mean, you’ll know in 24 hours if it’s going to make sense for you or not. So give me your card, I’ll call you.

Doug has been a solar advocate since 2010. Click here to learn more about Sungevity’s Advocates program, or click here to see a list of green job opportunities at Sungevity.

Posted by Jen Sherman

Jen Sherman worked as an analyst and marketing strategist for Sungevity's non-profit partnership program,