Why should you as a prospective employee care about company culture? It’s simple: culture is the heart and soul of a company, and is the bedrock of a thriving employee experience.

A strong company culture encourages employee loyalty, fosters team work, increases productivity and reduces negative attitudes in the work place. Company culture benefits the overall employee experience. A strong corporate culture can make the work day more rewarding if your organization has a solid mission, more exciting if there are organized events to participate in and, in general, creates an atmosphere of more overall fun in the workplace! A good culture can keep you feeling motivated, feeling enthusiastic, and feeling like you belong and are part of something that really matters.

Data shows: Company culture can matter more to employee happiness than compensation

Surveys have shown that a company’s culture can actually matter more to an employee than compensation. A Gallup survey found that 37% of employees left their jobs for reasons such as fit and work environment, compared to 22% of employees who left their job for reasons related to pay or benefits.

Company culture keeps you (the employee) engaged in the work place. If you have a great boss and wonderful co-workers it’s probably because of the culture that your employer fosters. Does your employer have a mission statement? Mission statements help to define a company’s culture for both employees and customers. If you believe in the company’s mission statement and support your employer’s initiatives, you’re probably engaged with the company culture.

Company culture touches every part of the workplace. It is the company’s personality and helps to establish order, continuity, and community. Culture certainly helps to keep you engaged when coupled with challenging and interesting work.

A well-defined mission can make all the difference

I believe one of the best parts of working at Sungevity is our well-defined, mission-driven company culture. Can you feel, touch, and breathe culture at a company? You can at Sungevity! Our culture is who we are as a company and can be seen in almost everything that we do.

We organize and participate in many events that speak to who we are as a company. We have an internal company task force that is responsible for driving, maintaining and perpetuating our culture called the “Culture Club.” They facilitate employee club participation and help coordinate company BBQs, social events, and celebrations. Below are photos of two of my two favorite company events.

superhero day at sungevity

Sungevity celebrates Superhero Day in Kansas City, MO.

sungevity anniversary party

Employees celebrate Sungevity’s 9th anniversary in Oakland, CA.

My absolute favorite characteristic of our culture is not something that can readily be measured, but can be seen and felt nonetheless. It’s our transparency to our customers and employees. Our CEO provides an organizational update to the entire organization once each month at a companywide Town Hall. All employees are encouraged to make suggestions and provide feedback to senior management that is always well received.

Sungevity also believes in an amazing candidate and employee experiences and we practice what we preach. Our candidates always know where they are in the interview process and we clearly set their expectations from our first point of contact. Sungevity recruiters are responsive and get back to external candidates at a minimum of within 24 hours (usually much sooner). Our customers and employees are a tremendous referral network for us as a company, so of course we’re motivated to ensure that employees have the absolute best time here. After all, most employees spend more time with their co-workers than they do their own families!

The bottom line

Make sure to take company culture into consideration when you decide to accept a job offer. Do your research and make sure the company’s culture resonates with you and your beliefs and is conducive to the type of environment that you could see yourself working in for the long term. When you find yourself at a company with a great culture, you’ll thank yourself for making the right decision.

Posted by Laura Hunko

Laura Hunko is a Senior Recruiting Manager at Sungevity, and manages all aspects of field recruiting and talent acquisition on the East Coast. Laura is married, has a grown daughter and son and lives at home in northern New Jersey with her two 5-month-old sibling puppies, Max and Marley.