Today’s recruiter reviews hundreds of resumes and corresponds with dozens of candidates every day. If you are a candidate trying to land a solar job, it can feel impossible to stand out from the crowd. That’s where I can help. Drawing from 15 years of job-seeking and 3 years of recruiting experience, I‘d like to share my best advice to help you leave the right impression on recruiters and hiring managers. Like in any industry, getting off on the right foot in solar begins with these five steps.

A Candidate’s Guide To Landing A Solar Job

  1. Research the company language. Start at the company’s website. Read the company blog if there is one. Ask yourself: What is the mission of the company? It is important to be familiar with the company language when you start your application and when you send in your resume. Many people don’t realize this, but if your language aligns with the company language, it helps leave the impression that you fit with the culture.

    Photo of getting ready for an interview

    Take (orange) notes about the company before your interview.

  2. Write down the company’s mission and any key words. When writing anything to the company, use between 1-3 words from the mission statement (for example, you can see Sungevity’s mission statement here). Recruiters like to see a sharp candidate that has done their homework. The company has spent a lot of time creating a mission statement that represents who the company is, what their core values are. Believe me, these words mean a lot to every person in the company, especially the recruiters and hiring managers! Use these words, words are a subconscious link to people liking you.
  3. Use words that promote your capability. Whether you’re filling out an application or sending an email, it can seem challenging to “always be selling” yourself. The best applicants have learned to exude two things: positivity and capability. Exuding capability only comes from researching the company and knowing what they are looking for. Exuding positivity comes from always presenting an upbeat attitude. Try having a list of your favorite positive words handy when corresponding with a recruiter or hiring manager.
  4. NEVER misspell a word. This also includes using proper grammar. You would think it goes without saying, but this really is important. It is way too easy to spell check that there’s really no excuse for any typos in your resume. No matter what job you are going for, that never leaves a good first impression. It’s all about putting your best foot forward.
  5. Research your audience. People love to talk about themselves, and recruiters and hiring managers are no exception. Before an interview, do some research on the person interviewing you. Try to find something about them that you can connect to your own personal or professional experience. This will go a long way in making both of you more comfortable in the interview and help to generate a positive impression.

Follow these five steps and you’ll feel a lot more prepared and confident for any interview. Remember, first impressions are everything, and these tips will help you leave the right first impression to win over recruiters and hiring managers.

Posted by Merit Kingman

Merit Kingman is a Recruitment Coordinator at Sungevity where she is the “spinning plate juggler” of the National Talent Team. She helps facilitate the candidate experience, from setting up the initial phone interview with recruiters to coordinating the multi panel interviews with the hiring managers, all the way through onboarding.