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Did you ever wonder about the economics of going solar and why there aren’t even more solar-powered homes?  The answer might surprise you.  Check out our latest YouTube video starring Andrew Birch, our CEO:


What do you think?  Did you catch that the DOE expects  2/3 of all US homes to be lower cost with solar at some point within the next 4 years?  It might be time for you to start powering your life with sunshine!

You can follow Birchy on Twitter for more of his thoughts on solar economics, solar politics, and the solar landscape in general.  Knowing Birchy, you might also see a few Tweets on kayaking, surfing, windsurfing, or even Scotland, the first place he ever called home.

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Posted by Bliss Dennen

Bliss served as Sungevity's social media and brand manager at a critical moment in Sungevity's history, helping successfully grow the Rooftop Revolution to the Eastern Seaboard.

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  1. dear Andrew,i am trying to write an article, for say the Sydney Morning Herald, about solar uptake and think your Sungevity looks a good scheme. i have been in email contact with Alexander Kinross-Rowe but feel i will need to speak to you.
    i have worked with the UNSW PV people since 1988 so I wont let you down.
    can you pls give me your phone and direct email contacts.
    Yours faithfully,
    Rory McGuire

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