Sungevity revolutionized solar with the iQuote. We built it to be an instant, internet-based, interactive solar quote that would use satellite imagery to show a picture of your house with solar on it. All of this, produced for free in under a day. We knew that if solar were going to spread it would need to be fun and engaging to learn about, be easy, and above all, not take much time. We built it for you.

And you responded! Thousands upon thousands of you have requested iQuotes and shown your friends what your homes would look like if you powered your lives with sunshine. You have played with the sliders to see how much money you would save if you went solar. And you’ve marveled at how many trees worth of carbon your solar system would offset.

Our iQuote's Fresh New Feel (Just In time For Spring!)

The iQuote changed everything. And to herald in the start of Spring week we made it even better. We gave it a slick new look and a bunch of new features, made it easier to use, and more fun to share. Most importantly, the things you told us you loved are still front and center: your house gone solar, the trees planted, and the money savings.

Go to to request an iQuote and see it for yourself!

Posted by Wyatt Roy

Wyatt served as Sungevity's voice on social media through 2012. He left to pursue his passion for filmmaking. Check out his work at


  1. We just got our system up and running and its GREAT! I heard a rumor that Sungevity will be rolling out a mobile app soon for smartphones, is this true? If so, what kind of timeframe are we talking about?

    1. Hi Scott. That’s so exciting! As for your mobile app question – we can’t say anything about it. Yet 🙂

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