You probably already know that solar energy works, is right here right now, and is already helping thousands of people save money and the environment. You might also have heard that Sungevity is leading the way by doing everything imaginable to make it easy, affordable and fun for families to power their lives with sunshine. In fact, you might have already gone solar yourself! But – you may not know exactly how we do it.

We made this picture to show how we spread sunshine, and to help you explain it to your friends. We hope you like it!

How We Do It

Posted by Wyatt Roy

Wyatt served as Sungevity's voice on social media through 2012. He left to pursue his passion for filmmaking. Check out his work at


  1. Are your solar panels made by actual or defacto slace labor? In other words, are they made in the USA, or are they made in China?

    1. Hi Dave! Sungevity’s panels and inverters are made in Canada, China, Germany, and the USA. We always source hardware that offers the greatest value to our customers. Let us know if you have any other questions!

  2. The Bioenergia is developing business model for solar energy in Brazil, we are evaluating potential partners.Have you business in Brazil?

    1. Hi Jose, we are not in Brazil but thank you for reaching out!

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