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Time for a Good Fight

“Yesterday, the California Secretary of State announced that the Texas Oil Companies’ “Dirty Energy Proposition” has qualified for the November 2010 statewide ballot. In response, leading California business, public health, senior, and environmental groups promised to fight this deceptive ballot...

/ June 24, 2010
Sungevity Solar Company

Blueprint for an Energy Revolution Replete with Jobs

As we worry about a double-dip and where the jobs are going to come from if we have a sustained recovery, we should pay attention to the jobs potential of renewable energy. In a new report by Greenpeace International and...

/ June 9, 2010

Some good news amidst the sludge

“BP’s bad behaviour in the Gulf had made me glum and as a result I have failed in trying to blog at least once a week about good news in the clean tech space. But over the weekend I sat...

/ May 24, 2010

Sign up for the Solarathon – Danny’s latest on City Brights

“An awesome Bay Area non-profit is Grid Alternatives, which is holding its annual Solarthon on July 31st. I reckon you, that’s right, YOU, should get involved… “Grid” (as they are known) installs solar electric systems for low-income families across California,...

/ May 7, 2010

Danny’s take on Solar on the White House

“I met President Obama a week ago today, in the Rose Garden, just after having launched www.SolarOnTheWhiteHouse.com. This has been referenced a bit in the press and even blogged about here on SF Gate, and has attracted thousands of people...

/ April 29, 2010

Green Job Growth and Green Job Killers

Two news stories came to my attention this week, one good and one bad. The first was a great report from the Solar Energy Industries Association on green job creation in this space… Continue reading Danny K’s latest on SF...

/ April 19, 2010