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Leonardo DiCaprio and President Obama in Before the Flood

Watch Before the Flood (Full Movie)

“I think we have tipped the world toward a sustainable future. The fear is, are we doing it too slowly?” – Johan Rockström, Professor of Environmental Science, Stockholm University and Director, Stockholm Resilience Center Leonardo DiCaprio has a message for...

/ November 3, 2016
Sungevity Solar Company

Just say no to the ‘biomass’ boondoggle

Climate activists and policy wonks are gathered in Cancun this week for the latest round of global climate talks.  Expectations are low.  In the meantime, one bright spot is California’s Global Warming Solutions Act, which survived a fierce oil industry...

/ December 8, 2010
Sungevity Solar Company

Solar on the Muleaage House

Well, President Obama may not have accepted our offer of free solar panels, but President Nasheed did! Sungevity hit the ground running in the Maldives yesterday. We’re there to install 11.5 kW of solar power on the roof of President...

/ October 4, 2010

Mark your calendar

10/10/10:  It’ a date you can’t easily forget, and a date organizers hope world leaders will remember when they head to the next round of climate talks next month in Cancun. 10/10/10 is a Global Work Party celebrating local climate...

/ October 1, 2010

Hate Dirty Energy?

Here at Sungevity , we try to stay on the sunny side.  But there’s nothing positive to say about Prop 23, a cynical Texas oil company attempt to overturn California’s landmark clean energy/climate change legislation. Texas oil refiners Valero and Tesoro...

/ September 9, 2010

Actions speak louder than words

If you’re concerned about climate change, here’s your chance to let the next Senator of California know. The Center for Biological Diversity is planning a “keep the heat on the Senate” event on Wednesday, September 1, at the site of...

/ August 31, 2010