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119,000 Reasons Why Solar Is A United States Success Story

Every state in the union has benefitted from solar power’s remarkable growth over the last few years. In an actual headcount of employees, DC-based The Solar Foundation has found 119,000 employees in solar companies across the country.

/ April 19, 2013

Solar Mavericks

Our founders Danny Kennedy and Andrew Birch are in Rolling Stone, hailed as the new green heroes of the fossil fuel resistance!  

/ April 12, 2013

3 Of The Most Normal Things In America – Beer, Trucks, And Solar!

Being from Australia I’m not all that familiar with American baseball, but living in the San Francisco Bay Area I’m learning to appreciate the sport.

/ March 11, 2013

Quetsol CEO Sitting In The Dark To Bring Electric Light To The Masses

Jaun Rodriguez is sitting in a dark room to raise awareness of the potential of solar electricity to bring light to the masses in Guatemala. 

/ February 27, 2013
Sungevity Solar Company

Our Co-Founder In Cuffs

A round of applause for our co-founder Danny Kennedy.

/ February 13, 2013

Why Hollywood Will Go Solar

Los Angeles is known for its great year round weather – sunny and 73! Taking advantage of its ideal solar climate, LA will soon be known for being a real leader of the booming solar economy.

/ February 8, 2013