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Andrew Birch, Sungevity CEO

California, go solar for as low as $9,635. Yes, really.

This Earth Day - our 9th anniversary - we’re making solar radically affordable. Andrew Birch, Sungevity's CEO, explains.

/ April 22, 2016
Sungevity Solar Company

Happy Earth Day

We'd like to show appreciation for our beautiful little planet.

/ April 22, 2013
Sungevity Solar Company

Making Mother Earth Happy

Today is Earth Day, and the blogosphere is awash with hundreds of lists of green living tips that you are more than welcome to print out and tape to your forehead.  Or…you can celebrate Earth Day by sharing this one...

/ April 22, 2011
Sungevity Solar Company

Vote for the Solar Lease

Love your lease? Wish millions of Americans could learn about how they too can lease solar panels for their homes? Your dream — and ours — is about to come true… In April, Planet Forward is airing an Earth Day...

/ January 28, 2011
Sungevity Solar Company

Two days left to enter Earth Day Makeover Contest

Friday is the deadline for Sungevity’s Earth Day Makeover Contest. If you need some inspiration, watch Earth Day founder Denis Hayes on “Why Earth Day Matters”, not to be confused with Avatar director James Cameron on “Why Earth Day Matters.” The winner...

/ April 28, 2010
Sungevity Solar Company

Keep your Earth Day resolutions

Many of us in the Sungevity community made Earth Day resolutions to reduce our carbon footprints.  But will our green resolutions go the way of our New Year’s resolutions, with a few false starts and then a slow fade to oblivion? ...

/ April 27, 2010