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The Era of Efficiency: How to Upgrade Any Type of Bay Area Home

The Era of Efficiency: How to Upgrade Any Type of Bay Area Home

From stately Victorian townhomes to trendy mid-century Eichlers, the housing stock in the Bay Area is diverse, often beautiful and sometimes less than energy-efficient. With winter around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about your heating bill. To this...

/ October 4, 2015

Energy Saving Tips To Keep Your Toes Warm

You may want to trade your orange Sungevity sunglasses for wool socks because 2014 has kicked off with a brrr-ang. Here are some easy ways you can keep your toes warm and use energy more efficiently this winter.

/ January 14, 2014

Getting Ready for the Holidays

Yes, you'll save money by swapping out your incandescent lights with CFL or LED bulbs - but what do you do with all the old bulbs?

/ October 22, 2013

Guess Which Uses More Electricity

The answer will surprise you.

/ August 15, 2013
Sungevity Solar Company

Another Reason To Love Solar Panels

Yes -- they create jobs (the solar industry already employs more people than the coal industry), they save families money, and they're good for the environment. But there's more!

/ August 14, 2013

Passive homes

I was feeling pretty good about my old Berkeley home’s energy efficiency…it’s well insulated, not too drafty by 1924 standards, is solar-powered, and is inhabited by family members who,  like it or not, wear sweaters and hats instead of cranking...

/ January 7, 2011