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Just say no to the ‘biomass’ boondoggle

Climate activists and policy wonks are gathered in Cancun this week for the latest round of global climate talks.  Expectations are low.  In the meantime, one bright spot is California’s Global Warming Solutions Act, which survived a fierce oil industry...

/ December 8, 2010
Sungevity Solar Company

Solar on the Muleaage House

Well, President Obama may not have accepted our offer of free solar panels, but President Nasheed did! Sungevity hit the ground running in the Maldives yesterday. We’re there to install 11.5 kW of solar power on the roof of President...

/ October 4, 2010

AB32=Smart Growth

Though its title is one only a bureaucrat could love, the new Economic Analysis of California’s Climate Change Scoping Plan is chock full of reassuring conclusions about how implementation of AB32 (California’s Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006) will affect...

/ April 8, 2010

The People’s Petition

What do novelist Barbara Kingsolver, actor Ed Begley, Jr., singer Bonnie Raitt and NASA’s chief climatologist, James Hansen, have in common?  They’re among the first to sign the People’s Petition to cap greenhouse gas emissions at 350 ppm (the upper safe limit...

/ April 6, 2010
Sungevity Solar Company

Reason No. 2 Why We Need Solar

In my last post, I took a pretty dim view of the looming climate legislation battle.  Treehugger has a different and more upbeat take, reporting that 22 high-on-health-care Democrats have already whisked off a letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry...

/ March 30, 2010

Reason No. 1 Why We Need Solar Power

One of these days Congress is going to try to pass some kind of climate bill, and the word around the Beltway is that politicians with ties to the fossil fuel industry will dig their heels deep into the earth’s...

/ March 29, 2010