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Solar Brokers Canada Selects Sungevity As Solutions Provider In U.S. Expansion

Canada’s Largest Solar Energy Reseller to Market Sungevity Energy Systems in U.S. through Co-Branded Approach OAKLAND, CA, and TORONTO, ONTARIO – Sungevity, Inc., a technology-driven solutions provider offering high service levels and a broad range of options to residential and...

/ October 12, 2016

California Cities Have Barely Scratched The Surface Of Their Residential Solar Potential

Sungevity used proprietary Instant iQuote technology to evaluate the solar potential of three major California cities, and the results may surprise you.

/ July 6, 2016
Michael Franti goes solar with Sungevity

VIDEO: Michael Franti goes solar with Sungevity

He's a musician, filmmaker, humanitarian... and now, a Sungevity Rooftop Revolutionary!

/ May 6, 2016
This Business Owner Is Using the Sun To Keep Kids Cool

This Business Owner Is Using the Sun To Keep Kids Cool

Jenner Crema owns Pump it Up, a children’s entertainment center in Morgan Hill, California. She used to struggle to manage her monthly operational costs under the weight of exorbitant electricity bills. Finally Jenner decided she’d had enough.

/ March 2, 2016

6 Oscar Nominees That Advocate For Solar Energy

Celebs – they’re just like us. They walk their dogs. They go to the grocery store in jeans. They even go solar.

/ February 25, 2016
Solar PoweredPrinters?HydePrintingHas'Em.

Solar-Powered Printers? Hyde Printing Has ‘Em.

Solar energy is saving small business Hyde Printing boatloads of money and is making its owner very happy.

/ January 28, 2016