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Sungevity Solar Company

The Overview Effect

Most days when we look outside, the sky feels vast and infinite. The Sun feels like it's our Sun, and the land under our feet seems sure and firm.

/ May 9, 2013

Mr President, Put Solar On The White House

One of the promises made by the President in his first term was to put solar on the White House. I met him at the Rose Garden back in 2009 and he said “let’s do that” when we first proposed he “go...

/ January 23, 2013

Ice Pop Truck Returns!

We rolled the Rooftop Revolution across America last year and served all-natural solar-powered ice pops to thousands of kids, adults and families.  

/ December 15, 2012

The Hulk? Check. Solar Lights In Africa? Check. Giant Novelty Check? Check.

With your help, Sungevity just donated $40,000 to Empowered by Light to bring 2,000 solar lights to schools in Zambia.

/ July 16, 2012