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As solar energy technology gets better and more affordable, solar panels are popping up everywhere. Calculators have been powered by solar energy for decades, but now phone chargers, toys, wearables, and even gardening supplies are jumping on the renewable-energy bandwagon.

Here are suggestions for sun-powered gifts for everyone on your list and in every price range so you can spread some eco-friendly cheer this year.

1. Portable Solar-Powered Cell Phone Charger

solar cell phone charger amazon

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If someone on your list is constantly running out of a cell battery, they’ll thank you for a portable charger. And for extra credit, this particular charger can rely on the sun as a backup power source. Your forward-thinking tech lover will also appreciate the LED flashlight it comes with in case of emergency.

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2. Solar-Powered Robot

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Have a niece or nephew who loves building things? This fun robot kit lets kids build a sun-powered robot using recycled products. It’s a great way for children to express their creativity and learn a little about sustainable energy.

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3. Round Solar-Powered Planters

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For a grandparent that loves to garden, these solar-powered planters that glow with colored light at night make a thoughtful and creative gift. Who wouldn’t want to impress their guests with a dual reminder of the power of the sun?

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4. Solar Backpack

solar backpack amazon

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This solar backpack is a genius gift idea for anyone who spends more time outside than inside. It absorbs energy from the sun while you’re hiking, hanging out on the beach or just walking around town. Then it uses that stored energy to charge a battery that can juice up your cell phone, tablet, GPS device, or Bluetooth headphones.

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Sungevity home solar panels

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5. Home Solar Panels

Go big this year and surprise your partner or family with a gift that literally keeps on giving by signing up to install solar panels on your roof. Not only can you decrease your family’s carbon footprint, but you can reduce your utility bill, too. That could mean more money to spend on your loved ones. As we says, “It’s like putting sunshine in the bank.”

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