Mother’s Day is this Sunday, and there are plenty of ways to show mom a little love other than ordering up a bouquet of pesticide-drenched flowers grown 3000 miles away.  Here are a few gift ideas that will make Mother Earth as happy as your own mum:

Bag-drying stand:  Keep Mom’s plastic bags out of the Pacific Garbage Patch.  This low-tech gadget will help Mom dry out and reuse her produce baggies without cluttering up her counter.

Battery charger:  Mother Earth is going to barf if we keep feeding her spent batteries.  A battery charger will save your mom lots of money, because she’ll never have to buy batteries again.

Cloth handkerchiefs, shopping bags or napkins:  Save money and trees with these reusable items.

Spa Gift Basket: Global Exchange sells this as a fundraiser and vouches for the eco-credentials of the items and the packaging.

Organic Flowers:  If your mom will truly disown you without flowers, you can have organically-grown flowers sent through Organic Bouquet.

And, of course, nothing says I love you like a rooftop PV array.  If your mom isn’t tech-savvy, help her get an iquote for her home.  Anyone who signs a lease by Mother’s Day will get a $100 Whole Foods gift certificate.   Just type the words “Mother’s Day promo” under “additional comments” when prompted.

–Erica Etelson

Posted by Danny Kennedy

Danny Kennedy co-founded Sungevity and now serves as strategic advisor. He is an internationally recognized opinion leader on climate and energy issues. He is the author of Rooftop Revolution: How Solar Power Can Save Our Economy - and Planet - from Dirty Energy (2012), a book that has been described as the clean energy manifesto for the next greatest generation.