Solar on the White House did not happen over night. In fact, it’s been quite a haul. On Earth Day 2010, Danny Kennedy, co-founder of Sungevity, presented President Obama with his own iQuote and the offer of a free solar array for the White House from Sungevity.

The campaign did not take a break after the presentation of his iQuote. Soon after Earth Day, President Obama visited the Bay Area (in part to tour the renewable energy industry). The Globama street team was out in force to support Solar on the White House.

Months later, Sungevity partnered up with Bill McKibben and to strengthen our campaign. 350’s campaign and solar road trip (culminating with a White House interview) initially looked like it may be rejected by the White House, but it must have sparked something. A few short weeks later, Energy Secretary Chu announced that yes, the White House will again be installing solar on the roof!

At Sungevity, the excitement Chu’s announcement has caused is palpable. This is exactly the kind of statement that the administration needs to make to the Nation, and the rest of the world: It’s time for renewable energy, and we will be leaders. Thank you to everyone who made this happen. Your hard work and persistence is what drove this campaign. There are brighter days ahead.

Shine on!

Posted by Danny Kennedy

Danny Kennedy co-founded Sungevity and now serves as strategic advisor. He is an internationally recognized opinion leader on climate and energy issues. He is the author of Rooftop Revolution: How Solar Power Can Save Our Economy - and Planet - from Dirty Energy (2012), a book that has been described as the clean energy manifesto for the next greatest generation.


  1. It’s been done before!!

  2. Amazing. Even the whitehouse believes in solar benefits. Go for solar!

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