Our holiday wish came true–Congress voted to extend the Treasury Grant Program (which was set to expire this year) through 2012. This means that, for at least two more years, investors and businesses will have a big tax incentive to go solar, and we can look forward to tens of thousands of new job and the displacement of 4.5 million metric tons of greenhouse gases (the equivalent of taking a million cars off the road for a year).

As more and more Americans become aware of the benefits of solar power, we’re optimistic that, by 2012, Congress will see fit to renew the TGP indefinitely. In the meantime, we’re the grateful green sheep of the energy family — happy to be tossed a few crumbs and prepared to thrive on them and oust the family favorites (coal and gas).

We at Sungevity wish you a sunny holiday aglow with solar-powered LED holidays lights. If you’re not yet a home solar maven, we look forward to converting you in 2011–with the money you’ll save, Christmas 2011 will be festive indeed!

–Erica Etelson

Posted by Danny Kennedy

Danny Kennedy co-founded Sungevity and now serves as strategic advisor. He is an internationally recognized opinion leader on climate and energy issues. He is the author of Rooftop Revolution: How Solar Power Can Save Our Economy - and Planet - from Dirty Energy (2012), a book that has been described as the clean energy manifesto for the next greatest generation.