Wow.  There’s dedication and then there is DEDICATION.  Mark Ruffalo, came to the Sungevity office IN PERSON today to get his iQuote.  Quite a trip from New York!

You probably know about Mark from movies like Shutter Island and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, but Mark isn’t just an actor.  Mark is a man on a mission; that mission is to get the word out about hydraulic fracturing.

Hydraulic fracturing (also called fracking and hydrofracking) is a process used to retrieve hard-to-reach natural gas and oil. It involves injecting chemicals, sand, and millions of gallons of water into shale rock. The shale is then shattered, releasing trapped gas. So what’s the problem?  There are a bunch.

  1. Most of the water used in fracking is left underground after the drilling ends, which means you can end up with contaminated wells.  With a mixture of 596 chemicals used in horizontal fracking, some of them carcinogens, that’s a recipe for disaster.
  2. Methane gas leaks are a reality, and  recent research from  Robert W. Howarth, Renee Santoro, and Anthony Ingraffea at Cornell reveals that “The [greenhouse gas] footprint for shale gas is greater than that for conventional gas or oil when viewed on any time horizon, but particularly so over 20 years. Compared to coal, the footprint of shale gas is at least 20% greater and perhaps more than twice as great on the 20-year horizon and is comparable when compared over 100 years,”

If you have a spare 7 minutes and 31 seconds then you should spend that time watching Mark talk to PBS about why people should be leery of fracking:


Also, if the mood strikes then check out Frack Action, and like them on Facebook.

Mark, I loved you in The Kids are All Right.  Just saying.

Posted by Bliss Dennen

Bliss served as Sungevity's social media and brand manager at a critical moment in Sungevity's history, helping successfully grow the Rooftop Revolution to the Eastern Seaboard.


  1. Very inspiring stuff!!!!

    1. I saw Mark wearing that hat today. Asked him about Sungevity. Looked it up (including scam claims), then tweeted you guys.

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