Arizona  has made headlines recently over its attempt to crack down on undocumented immigrants.  But the Grand Canyon State is also cracking down on something far more worthy of its wrath–wasted electricity.

Under a ruling last month by the Arizona Corporation Commission, utilities are required to boost conservation measures so as to achieve 22% energy savings over the next decade.  The Southwest Energy Efficiency Project predicts that the new standard will save consumers $9 billion and create 12,000 new jobs.

The energy efficiency target will be met through tried-and-true tactics such as weatherization, home energy audits and more efficient appliances and lighting.  22% may seem like a lofty goal, but the fact that the state expects to achieve it simply by plucking the low-hanging fruit is cause for optimism.    If residents of a state with summer highs averaging over 100 degrees can do it, so can we all.

–Erica Etelson

Posted by Danny Kennedy

Danny Kennedy co-founded Sungevity and now serves as strategic advisor. He is an internationally recognized opinion leader on climate and energy issues. He is the author of Rooftop Revolution: How Solar Power Can Save Our Economy - and Planet - from Dirty Energy (2012), a book that has been described as the clean energy manifesto for the next greatest generation.